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What is a photo collage and how to make one

In this blog you will learn everything about what a photo collage is and how to make one. Do I need to download a program to make a collage?

No, you can make your own photo collage completely online. This means that you do not have to install a program on your computer. You can also log in and upload photos from any computer via the internet.


What requirements must my photos meet?

In terms of quality, the minimum required size of your photos depends on your collage. While making your collage, you will receive a notification if your photo is too small to print nicely. You can only use JPG files. If you have photos or images in a different file format (for example PDF, PNG or Word file), please contact us.


If I choose many photos in my collage, won’t the photos become too small when printed?

Photos in collages, where you determine the size and layout of your subjects, are never printed smaller than 5 cm wide or high: so no mistakes with photos in stamp format. Please note that photos are slightly coarser when choosing canvas because of the canvas. Small photos with a lot of details, such as group photos, then look less good.


I want to have my collage printed on canvas. Will my photos fold over to the sides of the canvas frame?

No, the front of the canvas is completely printed with your collage. So no photos fall off to the sides. The sides of your canvas are white or a background color of your choice.


I would like text in my photo collage. Is that possible?

You can indeed place text in your collage. You do this by choosing ‘Edit’ for your photo. Here you will find the option to add text to the photo. You can customize your text in size, font and placement on the photo.