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The Value of Getting an RFID Library System

Technology has changed how libraries operate by offering efficient solutions for different elements, including security. An RFID library system is one such resource. Radio-frequency identification identifies an item by transferring data from an attached tag. A microchip in the RFID reader collects the electronic information stored on the tag. Libraries are replacing barcodes with RFID tags due to the advantages that such systems offer.

Streamlined Library Management

An RFID library system includes an Integrated Library System (ILS), which stores the specific details of a book or other item. When a book passes a scanner, the tag and ILS connect, making it easier to identify and locate items. RFID systems make work easy for the staff and reduce the risk of human error in tasks such as report complication, stock taking and shelving.

RFID Library System Improves Productivity

A cost and benefit of investing in RFID systems for libraries is the positive impact on productivity. By automating mundane tasks, the system saves workers considerable time. They can allocate this time to improving customer support. Employees can also afford to spend more time on core duties. The efficiency of the system also means that people don’t have to queue to check out books from a library.

Boosting Security

Libraries house intellectual capital that needs protecting. The place requires good security for the theses, books, journals, encyclopedias and reports that call it home. An RFID system has anti-theft detection, which goes a long way in ensuring that people don’t take out material without identification. The security feature deactivates when a person checks out the tagged item and activates upon return. Libraries that want to capitalise on the value of RFID systems need partners who can deliver. Dialoc ID Library has a Library Tag Program that enhances the efficiency of tagging. With the host of options available, you can find an RFID library system that meets your management and service delivery demands accordingly.