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The biggest secret of a good warehouse

The biggest secret of a good warehouse 

It is not easy to manage a well-run warehouse. The more things are stored, the greater the challenge. One of the most important factors to consider is the placement of the products. If the products are not placed in convenient locations, this will slow down the throughput and your warehouse will not function properly. With the increasing demand from the online market and the speed at which customers expect the products to be delivered, an optimal throughput is very important. In this blog article, we tell you more about the optimal placement of products in your warehouse. 


It’s all about the arrangement

Of course, many important factors play a major role in the functioning of a warehouse. Think, for example, of specialised personnel, good racks, good equipment to move the products and good management. However, the placement of the products is very important for all other factors to function well. If you put the products that sell the most in a hard-to-reach place, the whole process slows down. Therefore, the best way to organise your warehouse is through the ABC method. This method involves dividing the turnover of the number of products by the average stock of the number of products. 


Arrangement according to the ABC method

You would like the products that sell the most and therefore generate the most turnover to be the easiest for your staff to reach. This is the reason why the A products (20% of your products and 80% of your turnover) must be at staff reachable height. The products in the B category are placed at the bottom, because these products require less reaching. This is about 30% of your products and accounts for 15% of your turnover. The C products are placed at the top because these products need to be picked up the least and picking something from the top takes the most effort. 


Out of space?

An important tip for when your warehouse is getting on the small side is that you often don’t need to move at all. Many owners immediately think of a larger space, but an investment in a new building and in the relocation costs an incredible amount of money when this would not have been necessary. It would be better to invest in a mezzanine floor. With this floor, you will create a complete extra