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Are you an artist without inspiration?

by Art & Artists

Were you always so great at making art and now no good idea comes up? Are you an artist without inspiration? In this article we give you tips to find your inspiration and creativity again.


Every artist knows that annoying lack of inspiration. Something that used to give you a lot of energy can become a frustration. You want to break through that!


Let others inspire you

Looking at the artwork of others can give you a creative boost. It helps you get new ideas and looking at art that has been completed gives you the energy to get started yourself. Good sources to get inspired are museums or exhibitions, or online at places like Instagram and Pinterest .


In addition, some artists also make timelapse videos during the creation of an artwork. This not only gives you a look behind the scenes, but it also gives you insight into other working methods. Therefore, Youtube is also a source of inspiration!


Music can stimulate your brain. So try turning on music when creating an artwork, it can stimulate the creative part of your brain.


Do you always work with the music on? Try it with a completely different style, or without it at all. Do it just a little differently than you always do.



Get Creativity from Children’s Drawings

Children draw without restriction, allowing the shapes to flow right out of their pencil. Therefore, children’s drawings can have surprising shapes that can inspire you to create a piece of art.



Try a different style. Challenge yourself to create a realistic or abstract painting. This may open doors for you to find your creativity again.



You can also use tools to make a start on that blank white canvas. For example by using a beamer. With this you can easily make a start for a new painting.


Just start

If you make sure your materials are always available to be used, you can take advantage of a surge in creativity right away, without first having to put all your materials down and let the momentum pass you by.


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Take pictures of interesting objects

By taking pictures of interesting objects that you come across every day, you can create a digital file

plates full of inspiration.


Make sure you organize your photos. That way you keep an overview and can easily find something.



Take a step back and turn in on yourself for a moment; try daydreaming. Make sure you take a rest and that no one can disturb you. Go for a walk, for example.


Make sure you take a book with you to write down ideas or to draw on. That way you won’t lose any good ideas.



Find your creativity by doing sports

The alternative to taking it easy in the form of daydreaming is being active. Go for a run, for example.


By exerting yourself vigorously the substances endorphin, serotonin and dopamine are released, making you feel better. When you feel better everything goes easier and the release of dopamine also makes for a creative brain.



By just starting to draw you can run into a self-induced creative moment. Suddenly you draw something where you get that feeling again, YES!


Take lessons

Not getting through that barrier yourself? Then you can take a class. Learn, for example, a new technique for challenging yourself (or having yourself challenged) in such a forced way.


To conclude

As an artist, when you lack inspiration it can be quite frustrating. However, there are plenty of methods to get a creative boost. Just try a few methods and see what works best for you. Good luck!


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