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Biotechnological applications

For all the high quality biotechnological applications GC Biotech is the online store to get those. There are advanced automated systems for detecting bio-molecules, there are devices for pipetting the right amount of liquid and there are centrifuges and plate handlers and various other instruments. You can find all those apps in the web store including reagents and other solutions necessary for a analysis or experimentation.

Whatever biotech application you are looking for at GC Biotech’s store you can find it. From spectrophotometers, automated platforms, immunoassays and fluorometers, all these things can be found in our webshop. Many of these products are used for genomics to study genes, nucleic acids, RNA and DNA. So if you would like to have state-of-the-art devices for genetic research you should definitely view our biotechnological applications for genomics.

Automated systems for gene research

GC Biotech distributes automated systems for high quality gene research. In order to be able to provide accurate results one needs good DNA and RNA isolation kits and liquid handling systems which can do a lot of work for you. To choose for automation applications is one of the best investments concerning biotechnological products. These automated instruments can measure, isolate and purify genes so you can have reliable samples for analysis. When doing genetic research for genomics one can use a great many of our automated systems. See the online shop for more information on goods for gene research.

Other devices for genomics

In case you are looking for other devices used for genomics and gene studies those can be found at as well. As the main distributor of many suppliers we sell many goods that help a researcher in genetics with their project. We provide many DNA isolation kits, PCR kits and extraction and replication tools for RNA. We distribute nucleic acid mixes and similar products and biotechological applications for genomics.

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